Alfedena (AQ) training camp

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Alfedena (AQ) training camp

Alfedena (AQ) lies on the banks of the Rio Torto, at the foot of the Meta and Monte Greco massifs. The geographical and territorial belonging is to the vast territory of the Abruzzo-Lazio and Molise National Park. Founded by the Samnites, with the original name of Aufidena, the town stands in an area that housed a vast protohistoric necropolis.

Why visit it: Alfedena presents a multiplicity of attractions and curiosities. The most suggestive part of the village is nature which involves the view of the banks of the Rio Torto, the lake of the Spaccata mountain and the peaks of the Meta massif. Ideal place for trekking and excursions, the place is frequented by tourists and vacationers especially during the whole period of the summer season. It is known as the country of the Doctors, because in the past there was a high number of graduates compared to the number of inhabitants.

In addition, the Alfedenian pavers and stonemasons adorned the streets and squares of Rome, including the historic Piazza San Pietro, with the famous cobblestones obtained by working the stone. Alfedena is a country full of festivals and traditions; specifically, two are the best way to express its vast heritage of traditions, culture and knowledge: on January 17 with the Fires of Saint Anthony and on the second Sunday of July with the Feast of Santa Maria Salomè and San Pietro, patron saint of the city.

What includes

4 days / 3 full board nights in 3 star hotels

Two workouts per day of 90 min. in grass field

A friendly with referee

Muddy training wash 1 time per day

Water at meals included


Extra day in triple room (including 2 trainings)

Extra friendly (with REF) team in the same category

Any taxes not included

For each team we ask on arrival a deposit of € 200.00 for damage, which will be returned on departure after inspecting rooms

Other Services


Organization transfers (airports, football field etc.)


Booking tickets for series A and B tickets where provided.

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