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Dubai training camp

Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is our latest sports tour destination and it's not hard to see why more teams are travelling to Dubai for a week of sport or spending a few days there as a stopover to somewhere else. From the tallest building in the world to an indoor ski slope in the middle of the desert and an iconic seven-star hotel – Dubai pretty much has it all. But it's not all about glitz, glamour and tax-free shopping. Those who aren't so into all that bling can escape on a desert safari or spend a lazy day on one of the city's sunny, white beaches. Playing rugby will, of course, be the focus in Dubai, however if you have a few extra days to spare, there is plenty you could be seeing and doing.

Visit Bastakiya, the historic district of Dubai, characterised by narrow lanes and tall windtowers – the pre-air conditioning form of cooling buildings down in the sizzling summer months. This area gives visitors a glimpse of what old Dubai would have looked like and is a must for the more cultural minded. Dubai's souks offer a unique shopping experience and wondering through them could take an entire day, depending on how dedicated you are to the shopping cause. Dubai is famous for its luxury hotels and resorts and there are certainly plenty to choose from. There is also a good range of other hotels and bed and breakfasts available for the more budget-conscious.

The people of Dubai are sport-mad whether for football, cricket, hockey, netball or Rugby. Each sport is played by locals and expats at adult level and the many schools in Dubai use some fantastic facilities to play most sports from a social to good level. With the rise in popularity of training camps for professional teams, national teams and federations, Dubai has invested heavily in it's sports facilities and they are now among the best in the world for most sports. Tours 4 Sport can arrange training camps to Dubai for all sports.

One of the most popular sports is Rugby with seven rugby clubs boasting numerous mens, womens, girls and boys teams. The Dubai Rugby Sevens Tournament has been running since 1970 in late November/early December. The recent purpose built venue ‘The Sevens’ has ensured the rapid expansion of this event, breaking a world record with crowds of over 50,000 spectators enjoying the action and the atmosphere each day makes it now one of the top sporting and social events on the globe. Teams both amateur and professional from all over the world regularly visit Dubai’s rugby clubs to enjoy the traditional hospitality both on and off the field. This ranges from fully professional teams travelling for training camps to social and school tours.

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We use a range of accommodation options from 3* to 6* hotels, detailed accommodation information will be given with each new itinerary.

Travel Options
Flights to Dubai depart regularly from the UK and the airport is used as a stopover to several other destinations with Emirates airlines.

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